Get In Your Best Form Before Your Big Day

Ladies, you wouldn’t wait until the last minute to buy your wedding dress, so why wait until the last minute to look your best in it? Working out can be a drag but when you make it fun, it can be the best workout experience you’ll have.


Dance It Away With Zumba

Dancing is always some of the most fun you have, and it is even better when you go out to dance with your girls on girl’s night. Now, let’s take that same energy and use it towards shedding some pounds and building some muscle!


If you’ve ever heard of the phenomenon sweeping the fitness world, Zumba, you are already ahead of the game. Zumba is a fitness program that involves dance and aerobic movements and, you guessed it, all to energetic music.


The greatest thing about Zumba is that it can be done from home through programs purchased online or even free YouTube videos. Make it more fun and bring your maid of honor and bridesmaids along for the ride. If you don’t want to do it at home, you can always find local gym chains and boutique fitness studios that offer Zumba with certified instructors to help better guide you through your journey. Get more information at


You don’t want to start your pre nuptial workout routine just weeks before the big day. Give yourself some time to get into the motion and into a routine. Zumba will offer you a good foundation to many other workout routines. If your main goal is to burn some pounds and tone up your muscles then Zumba is perfect for you. The workout you get from these dancing routines are mixed with movements that help you do just that, and not to mention you will be freshening up your dancing moves and even learning new ones for your big day!


Get The Gym Bug

If you want to do more than burn just a few pounds, you want to focus on a routine that will help you transform. The gym can be an intimidating place, especially for someone that isn’t too familiar with it, but once you familiarize yourself with it you will be on a roll in no time.


First things first, you have to give yourself a schedule. Keeping a consistent schedule for your gym times will allow your body to rest and change properly. For a lot of people the machines at gyms look too complicated and that results in using only what you know… the treadmill. Sure the treadmill is nice and safe, but we want to transform your body and that is not going to help us to get where we want to be quick enough.


First learn what machines are at your gym. Typically the person signing you up at the gym gives you a tour, so ask questions and take notes. Another easy way to learn a machine and/or workout is to go online and you will find hundreds of You Tube videos with experienced trainers explaining machines and proper usage including posture.



Lean and Slim Physique With Pilates

A lot of gyms offer many different types of group classes. Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, and even swimming classes, these are just a few of the classes gyms offer. Taking a class like say, Pilates, will help you not only change your appearance but also your mentality.


Pilates offers a range of movements, all at different intensity levels, that work mainly your core, but also your hips, inner and outer thighs, and back. Because Pilates requires more focus than many other workouts, it helps your mind be clear from other things and helps you learn how to focus your energy on one thing.

We know you are juggling many things while planning your wedding and you might not always be able to make it to a class so we got a solution just for you. Pilates expert and celebrity trainer, Kit Rich has developed a great way for you to have all of the tools necessary to take your Pilates on the go. The KICHGO bag includes eight pieces of equipment from a variety of resistance bands to a jump rope, all at an affordable price. Your KICHGO purchase also comes with 20 downloadable videos that range from 5-30 minutes each. The videos include a variety of workouts not only Pilates but also cardio and yoga and some are tailored for your KICHGO bag equipment. The videos can be downloaded to your Smartphone or be seen on your Smart TV, they vary in length and specialize in certain areas of the body giving you the ability to personalize your workout routine anywhere and everywhere. Get more information at


Learning Pilates will not only help your mind but it will also help relieve stress tension levels in your body. You will also feel happier and you will be able to better control your emotions. All and more of these benefits are perfect preparation for your wedding day and not to mention how confident you will feel with a lean Pilates body.


Find Balance

Find exercises that are right for you and what you want to accomplish. Make sure that you have a routine and you stick to it, it also wouldn’t hurt to have a support system that pushes you or even joins you on this journey. Your future hubby will want to transform for the big day too so why not have him join you! But most importantly, don’t wait until the last minute to try and tone and slim your figure. It takes time and patience, something you might not have a lot of during the wedding planning but if you set a goal, the exercises will help you be in a better physical and mental state altogether.


– By Sandra Reyes



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