Picking The Perfect Best Man

best man pic_latino-bride-and-groomBeware grooms! Besides the sentimental bonds, there is more to choosing a best man than just somebody with whom you’ve hanged out with throughout your life. Believe it or not, a best man is a very important element of the wedding process, and take it from us, you want to have the perfect wedding for your amazing soon-to-be wife. In order for this to happen, you will want to consider a couple of things which we have laid out for you, these tips will help you pick the perfect best man.

• Strong Ties
First of all, you will need somebody that understands why you’re getting married and most importantly, why you picked your bride. You need the moral support to boost up your blissful future as husband and wife, not somebody that will make you second-guess anything.

• Complete Reliability
Although we all make mistakes, your wedding ceremony should be aimed to be as perfect as possible. You will need for your best man to live exactly up to his expectations. He will carry his enormous responsibilities of having the ring throughout the ceremony, the first toast for the bride and groom, dancing with the maid of honor and bride, signing the marriage license as a witness, and take the groom to the wedding venue. You need somebody you can trust and know he’ll execute his role smoothly and not cause you or the bride any stress.

• Take up Responsibilities
Honestly, you don’t need somebody that thinks he just has to show up, carry a ring, and sign a wedding license. You will be too busy to think about smaller details like decorating the getaway car, collecting gift envelopes, organizing the bachelor party, or giving the wedding officiator a sealed envelope with his or her fee. Choose somebody who will step up and help you out by taking up some responsibilities.

Follow these guidelines and we can guarantee the perfect best man for you! And do not worry about sparing anybody’s feelings, after all, they will forget about it at the wedding party!


– By Jose Zavala

Previously featured in Latino Bride & Groom magazine.