Your Perfect Wedding Day Look

Your Perfect Wedding-Day Body
By Lala Sanchez

No bride wants to look less than her best on her wedding day, whether that means styling the perfect chignon, putting on flawless makeup, or getting rid of unflattering pre-wedding body bulges. Fortunately, there are ways to whip your body into shape so that when you stand in front of the mirror in your wedding gown, you’ll see the bride you’ve always envisioned yourself to be.

Cardio training is a crucial part of your wedding fitness; it speeds up the heart rate so that you can burn extra calories off your body. Activities like jogging, running, or swimming for at least half an hour a few times a week is definitely going to help you trim off some fat from your body and guarantee a leaner shape on your wedding day.

Resistance training
Resistance training is crucial for toning your upper body, which is what most people will first notice as you walk down the aisle. The easiest way to work out your arms and upper body is doing dumbbell reps, using resistance bands, or utilizing a weight machine so that you won’t have to worry about jiggling arms as you toss your bouquet. Squats and lunges also help with toning your lower body if you plan on showing some leg in your dress.

Stretching is incredibly important after exercise, because it loosens the muscles and can really ease soreness after even a moderate regimen, especially if you’re just getting started. Flexibility can also improve your overall fitness level, leaving you with more endurance to handle tougher exercise schedules.

The most important for any fitness plan is ultimately nutrition. Eating the right foods is crucial to maintaining a healthy body, and fulfills the most basic requirements for fat loss: burn more calories than you take in. That being said, stay away from Tia Berta’s fried tacos, butter on your flour tortillas, Abuelita’s flan, and those great Jarritos, which can all increase your fat. Instead, opt for healthier vegetables, oatmeal, and yogurt. Once you develop a daily eating routine, you’ll see your health improve in weeks, and that carries over to your overall body figure.

While most brides wish they could focus all their energy on shaping and sculpting the perfect wedding figure, the truth is, there is still work and wedding plans to think about, leaving what seems like only a short break for doing a thirty-minute run. If you feel your motivation starting to dwindle, think about bringing aboard a fitness buddy – say, your fiancé – to help you stick to your fitness plan. Both of you can sign up for dance classes, so you’ll be able to wow your guests with both a healthier figure and smooth moves on the dance floor. In addition, brides tend to expect miracles; don’t. It’s more realistic to lose a pound a week of fat. Anything more will only make you shave off weight from loss of water, making you look like a thinner version of your current self. If you go into your fitness plan with eyes wide open and stick to it, chances are, you’ll still feel great about yourself when it’s time to strut down the aisle.

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