Clown Around at the Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Out of this World Circus!

Travel to a world beyond earth with the Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Out of this World circus show. Want to relive the nostalgia of your childhood circus combined with the thrills of outer space travel? If you’re in dire of need of some new and exciting date night ideas before your big day, the Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Out of this World show is just the experience for you!
Behind the Making of a World Famous Show


For the first time in the Ringling Bros’ 145-year history, Out of this World provides a truly remarkable experience for audiences of all ages. Founded in the United States in 1884, five of the seven Ringling Brothers founded this world-famous circus and developed their name in entertainment with the motto “Ringling Bros. World’s Greatest Shows” by 1919. What started off as a small variety show in the town halls by the Ringling Brothers soon expanded when they brought their show to a town next to them. The brothers began touring the Northwest, expanding their acts to include a trick horse and bear. In 1888, The Ringling Circus purchased the Yankee Robinson Circus, garnering attention from competitor James Anthony Bailey. Together they divided the circus and purchased ½ of the shares. In 1906 when Bailey died, the Ringlings took over the business and the stockholders approved the sale of the circus to the Ringling brothers.


Performances to Delight Your Senses

Since then, much has changed for the circus with the expansion of many more acts, improved technology, and wonderful performances. What has remained true is the superb quality and dazzling acts throughout the years. The plot of this cosmic adventure follows Ringmaster Johnathan Lee Iverson and the “finder Stars Circus” Paulo to fight the evil forces of Tatiana, Queen of the Intergalactic Circus to save the circus artists. For this truly immersive experience, unexpected surprises will delight viewers featuring tons of circus acts combined with land elements of water, sand, fire, and ice. What might seem like merely a fairytale is proven before your very eyes. Featuring acts from the Simet Family Astronauts in which three astronauts maneuver an incredible space walk, balancing astonishingly on a zero gravity, rotating wheel. Another act that you can expect to see is the Provincial Acrobatic Company Heilongjiang which is unique and never-before-seen to America in which experienced acrobatics execute awe-inspiring acts on ice, flying through hoops and creating human pyramids, just to name a few. In addition, you can watch dynamic figure skating maneuvering along the ice alongside lyrical freestyle skaters with the Acrobatic Skaters. Davis the Clown will climb a 47-feet high pole five floors above the audience, swaying in all directions as the crowd holds its breath.


The fun definitely doesn’t stop there. Join the show and watch classic circus acts with a special added twist. Presenter Alexander Lacey will demonstrate mastery in handling the lions and tigers, Cossak Riders will provide a suspenseful viewing of equestrian acrobatics, the daredevil motorcyclists will perform tricks in the Globe of Steel, the trapeze artists swinging aerially with double trip somersault artists as well, or even the comedy acts by King Charles Troupe and the Clown Alley Ringling Bros. Circus who will make you laugh until you cry. The Out of this World performance will feature many more acts, so be sure to reserve your tickets as soon as possible.


Planning Your Circus Date

Keep in mind a few tips to get you started on your interactive journey. Book your tickets in advance to ensure that you get the seats you want without any hassle. Arrive early for a sneak peek with fun and interactive pre-show elements, absolutely free with the purchase of your ticket. Visit the Animal Open House and explore the starts of the animal world. Check out clown performances before the show and even participate in interactive activities with your mobile application from your seats. So what are you waiting for? Blast off today!

The show will be coming to Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario from July 22 to July 26 and at the Honda Center in Anaheim from July 29 to August 7. Tickets are only $20. Times vary, so please visit for more information and to reserve your tickets for your next date today.

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