Romantic Décor for Your Dream Wedding


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What do you think of when you hear the word romance? In terms of weddings, you might picture a dimly lit atmosphere, an assortment of scented candles, and pastel petals. Almost every young girl’s dream is to have a beautiful wedding to commemorate her special day as a new bride. Here are several tips to instantly transform your wedding into a festive celebration that’s as magical as a fairytale itself!

The key to a romantic wedding is in the detail. No matter how rustic or heavy your venue may seem, there are ways to add delicate touches that give your wedding a romantic feel. According to celebrity wedding planner Andrea Freeman, look for places that might otherwise go unnoticed such as the back of your guests’ chairs. Lighting also sets the mood and ambiance of any wedding. A lighting specialist can help you create a special glow for your first dance and even project a monogram with your initials onto the dance floor. Another notable touch is to have pin spot lighting on each tabletop arrangement to help it stand out. Candles also give off a warming glow. You can float them in glass bowls or have them scattered on tables in various heights. Not into the candle idea? Try lanterns placed at the end of pews or chair rows or have your bridesmaids hold them instead of bouquets.


Photo by Studio Webber and Andrea Freeman Events

Charming Palettes to Enhance Your Wedding

Keep in mind that darker, heavier jewel tones might not give a “romantic feel.” If you’re looking for a more regal, majestic theme, then by all means opt for the ruby reds, deep eggplants, and forest greens. However, if you want a softer, romantic wedding, stick to color palettes that are warmer. For a whimsical spring wedding, peach and sage make for a strikingly elegant palette that is unique yet not over the top. For a truly tender ceremony, lavender and sage green give an organic, sweet appearance that feels naturally subtle. Probably one of the key colors that come to mind when we think of a romantic wedding is a soft pink. Whether you choose rose gold, ballet slipper pink, or baby pink, balance the brightness out with a neutral accent color such as gray or gold. Once you’ve chosen your dream color combo, narrowing down your decoration selection becomes easier since you’ll have a general framework.


Photo by Brian Leahy Photo and Andrea Freeman Events

As a rule of thumb, the lighter, more versatile color should be the main theme of your ceremony, reception, and beyond. Having way too much sea foam green, for example, can turn your beautiful wedding into a chaotic eyesore. Moderation is definitely key! Look for key pieces thatthe brighter color can seamlessly complement its mate with. Whether it is in the napkins, floral cake design, or place cards, a little goes a long way.


Photo by Sarah Wight Photography and Andrea Freeman Events

Romantic Floral Accent Decorations

One of our favorite parts about a wedding ceremony are the blooms! From centerpieces to bouquets to even aisle runners, flowers play an important part in any wedding to jazz up the feel. If you couldn’t have a garden wedding, bring the flowers to your ceremony instead. Freeman suggests using tall centerpieces of blush and white roses, pink dahlias, hydrangeas, and dripping orchids to create a stylish and sophisticated look—and we agree! Another popular trend is a long-low centerpiece to add depth and dimension to your table-scape. Try one in gold, which adds a new texture to your wedding. Another oh-so-romantic idea is to use planters, which create a whimsical garden feel and instantly take your boring flowers in a vase to another level. Flowers aren’t just for tables, though; try sprinkling rose petals down the altar or even in swirling patterns for a remarkable look.


Photo by Sarah Wight Photography and Andrea Freeman Events

There is no truly romantic bouquet composition. Some believe that a simple grouping of roses is the perfect recipe for an elegant bouquet. If you fall into this category, a bouquet in the color of your choice might be just for you. There are also others may think a romantic bouquet is comprised of many types of flowers. For these brides, styling and composing a bouquet of fresh green sprigs mixed with larger, colored flowers and offset with some simple white and pastel petals is also a great idea. Finding your perfect blend of flowers might be difficult, so be sure to communicate and coordinate with your florist during this process!


Photo by Sara Wight Photography and Andrea Freeman Events

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