Top 10 Telenovela Weddings

Let’s admit that we are all critically obsessed with Telenovelas, from the dramatic stair entrances of the unforgettable villains, to the passionate yet secretive kisses of the couple that just can’t seem to be together and of course lets not forget the dramatic betrayals, fights, misunderstanding and sometimes even deaths every couple has to go through just to finally get married and be together forever, ever and ever! We have put together the top 10 telenovela weddings of all time for your enjoyment down memory lane.

1. Yo Soy Betty La Fea

Betty and Armando

Betty and Armando

Who can forget when Betty was no longer “La Fea” but a beautiful bride along side Armando.

2.  Marimar


Marimar and Sergio

Marimar and her hubby Sergio was definitely a jaw dropping moment and we all got teary eyed when they tied the knot, not to mention that 90’s dress!

3.  Destilando Amor

Mariana and Rodrigo

Mariana and Rodrigo

The greats stay in our hearts like Mariana and Rodrigo on their wedding day, and look at her dropped shoulder sleeve, gorgeous!

4. Maria La Del Barrio

Maria and Luis

Maria and Luis

Poor vs Rich is always the love conflict of all time but not for these two, and can we talk about that beautiful crown!

5.  El Privilegio de Amar

Cristina y Victor

Cristina and Victor Manuel

A forbidden love between these two then becomes a love tale, a love so strong that we were all happy when they were finally able to be together. Look at her beautiful wedding updo!

6. Rubi

Rubi and Hectory

Rubi and Hector

Lets just take a moment to stare at these two beautiful people and her unique wedding dress! Very 2000’s.

7. Amor Real

Matilde and Manuel

Matilde and Manuel

A 1900’s based novela we enjoyed the 1900’s wedding attire from these two!

8. Corazon Salvaje

Monica y Juan

Monica and Juan

The 1993 Corazon Salvaje wedding was probably one of the most epic novela weddings as her puffy and dramatic dress commanded everyones attention.

9. Teresa

Teresa y Arturo

Teresa and Arturo

With a very dramatic wedding entrance we can’t forget Teresa and her gorgeous wedding gown with the exaggerated pretty flowers on her hair!

10. Soy tu Duena

Valentina y Jose

Valentina and Jose

One of our favorite scenes was when they finally got to claim their love for one another in their traditional Mexican wedding attire!


-By Bianca Calanche

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