Neutrogena #LetsSolveIt: Interview with Eiza Gonzalez

Neutrogena launched their new ad campaign called #LetsSolveIt just days before Beautycon. An Ad campaign helping women all around the world with their skin troubles with products that help all skin types. Celebrating with a pre-launch party at the Lombardi House in Hollywood, California where not only did they have many great products to promote but they also brought along their new brand ambassador Eiza Gonzalez to help with the celebration. Eiza Gonzalez, a very well known actress in Latin America due to her successful novelas and her success on the Hollywood stage as the new star of the hit TV show From Dawn till Dusk.  Latino Bride and Groom sat one on one with Eiza and asked her about her beauty tips!


Q & A with Eiza Gonzalez

 1. What does your beauty routine consist of? 

I’ve become way more conscious [about my skin in] the last five years of my life, I’m in my mid twenties now, but the way that you treat your skin now will show in the future. I really think its important to create a consciousness in young women to take care of their skin while their young to prevent future unwants. Its scary to think about putting night creams and lotions because it makes us seem old, like I think of my mom doing that. And I’m going to tell you something, my mom use to tell me all the time to take care of my skin at a young age and I never listened. I used to go to the beach and not put nothing on, and that’ so bad! But to answer your question, my beauty routine consist of taking care of it, Day creams, Night creams, moisturizers, sun-cream. You name it! Neutrogena has it all!

2. As a Latina, how do you feel being the new addition to Neutrogena, along side many powerful, strong women such as Jennifer Garner or Emma Roberts? 

Latinos are now a huge part of the states. We became such a looking up to culture. Latinas have become very trendy. I”ll tell you something, when I was younger I would see commercials and there were treatments for women with lighter skin or darker skin but not olive skin [Latinas], so it was very complicated for me because I wanted to be another “American Actress” but I’m not American, my skin needs a different treatment. And so when you have Neutrogena they have different skin types in a way where they can work for everyone, for my skin color, for light, for dark, for all. For me to be able to be that for younger women became very important to me, because I was there once and I didn’t have anyone I felt connected to, to look up to. Its cool to be a Latina now a days! 

3 .What Neutrogena product is your must have?

My Neutrogena cleansing wipes, for sure! I just went to Europe for two weeks and I brought three packets and I was traveling with all girls and they all brought there soaps and towels. We would get on a plane then go somewhere and you’re touching dirty stuff all day and you touch  your face and it was awesome because I had them in my purse all day. So I would jump in a plane, and Ill fly all day and I would clean my face in the plane [ with the Neutrogena wipes] and if I would come late at night and was too tired to wash my face I would just clean my face with the wipes! Literally it was week two and they were gone! Because all my friends were stealing them from me! I was freaking out! No! My wipes! They saved my life! I cannot live with out them! Thanks to these [Neutrogena Wipes] and my beauty routine, my skin didn’t suffer. 

4. What beauty tips do you have for the bride to be? 

I think beauty comes from inside-out, I think that being disciplined with your self really makes a difference. When you’re going to get married and I have experienced it with friends, and my brother… every single friend, when they were preparing for the wedding they would stress. And stress causes break outs, stress can destroy your skin. The most important tip I can give is just try to relax and drink a lot of water! The trick to having perfect skin is water and taking care of your skin; cleaning your face everyday, moisturizing. All the stress can dry your skin out, a lot of hormonal movement in your body. And we all think of the make-up and the hair and that will make you look good but if you have a routine of how to treat your skin that will make you look radiant!

5. What are some make-up tips that you want to share? Or hair tips?

I do my own make up! This is awesome because this is for Latinas [Latino Bride and Groom] and this I know. But my skin tone is completely olive, so I try not to use a lot of foundation, I think with just a good concealer, and mineral powder with SPF can really save your skin. When we don’t wear make up [olive-skin tone women] we tend to look yellow-ish, and its horrible because I’m like I’m yellow! What am I going to do?! The only thing that works for me, when I have an event and I don’t want to make it seem like I’ve put too much I throw in that concealer, powder, my mascara and a great stick color!  And that will make you look like a 100 bucks! And as for my hair I just  let it dry naturally because it’s always being scrutinized all the time, so my tip is burn it less! Avoid the heat as much as you can!






-by Bianca Calanche



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