Get The Ideas: Fun Wedding Themes

Every bride wants to make sure that her wedding day is meaningful and memorable. Incorporating a quirky theme to your wedding adds sentimental value to the details you put in, so we at Latino Bride & Groom want to introduce five, fun themes that may inspire you for your own big day.

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1. Love at first sight
Nothing beats the sensation of falling in love, so have your wedding include elements of the time and place you and your husband-to-be met. Met at the library? Have the ring bearer bring in the rings on a book or make books into pop up cards to spell out table numbers. Did you first meet each other’s glance at a coffee shop? Have a coffee shop theme, with waiters dressed up as baristas to serve your guests coffee, and invitations that are made to look like little menus found in coffee shops, or tied up in little coffee bags.

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2. Urban Wedding
If you love the hustle and bustle of city life, consider having your wedding right in the middle of a large metropolis. See if you can have your wedding on top of a skyscraper! The extreme height and the spectacular view will have your guests raving for months. Have a city-themed cake, perhaps with outlines of your favorite places to be, and make your decorations imitate the big city lights by having large multicolored lights shine high above you and your guests on towering poles.

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3. Back in Time
Transport yourself back into earlier eras and have a “Back in Time” wedding! Experience the roaring 20’s by having a flapper-inspired dress and a live band playing popular hits of the time. As decoration, display some faux artwork that emerged from this time period. Hold a wedding in Greek and Roman times, where you can have elegant pillars decorate your reception, or hold your ceremony in a beautiful Ancient-Greek inspired garden, with statues of cherubs and Greek gods adorning the surroundings. Other fun eras include the Victorian Era, the 1940’s “Swing Era”, or the Renaissance Age.

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4. Adventurer Theme
If you and your husband want to eventually travel the world and experience all it’s wonders and mysteries, start off your life together by bringing the world to you with a travel-themed wedding. There is no limit on the details you can imagine with this theme, from map cufflinks for your man, having your invites look like luggage tags, using postcards as seating places, or having the tiers of your cake look like suitcases. And finally, be whisked away to your honeymoon to a romantic location that you and your husband have been dying to visit for years.

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5. Carnival Wedding Theme
Looking for a bold and exciting wedding theme? Have a carnival-inspired wedding! You can go big and wild, with live circus entertainment and holding your ceremony in a big top tent. However, if you want a more toned-downed wedding, just incorporating cute details will still portray your theme loud and clear. Creative ideas include styling your invite to look like a carnival poster, having an adorable candy bar for your guests to help themselves with treats reminiscent of their childhood, having a photo booth with circus props, and serving kennel corn appetizers, in miniature popcorn bags.

Share with us your ideas, what is your favorite theme?

– By Jenny Lu