Guide to Proper Grooming

You and your fiancé have checked off the wedding checklist, the wedding venue is secured, the florist knows exactly which flowers your loved one wants, you just finished the cake tasting and you can’t wait for your guests to take a bite out of yours…Now what about you getting the tips on how to look your very best on the long-awaited day!

Clean Shaven
”It’s all about shaving with the grain in the spots where you get irritated,” says Joseph Garcia, MD, a dermatologist who also treats many grooms. He suggests using a lubricating shave gel (not foam) on wet skin, and letting it soak in for a few minutes to straighten the follicle. Then shave with a manual – not electric – blade.

Out of Control Follicles
The best way to handle out-of-control eyebrows is to wax, if you can be a man and handle a little pain. Waxed hairs take longer to grow back and, when they eventually do, they’ll grow in thinner and sparser. You could also undertake the painstaking (and we mean pain) process of plucking the bridge of your nose. If pain isn’t your game, ask your barber to trim your brows with a pair of scissors. Whatever you do, don’t shave your brows – you’ll just be asking for unsightly stubble and ingrown hairs.

Unwanted Breakouts
”If your acne feeds on stress, you may need to ward off an attack a week in advance by taking a prescription steroid like Prednisone,” says Dr. Garcia. If it’s too late and those unwanted breakouts have already arrived, a dermatologist can give you a cortisone cream to immediately reduce swelling and redness. Can’t get to a doctor? An over-the-counter topical cream with sulfur will dry out the spot. Dr. Garcia suggests a tinted solution like Rezamid or Liquimat to conceal while it heals.

Excessive Sweating
Technically called hyperhidrosis, an overabundance of perspiration on your armpits and palms is often triggered by stressful situations (yes, getting married could fall into that category). When over-the-counter products don’t work, you may need a serious prescription antiperspirant. Drysol is one of the most popular brands.

– Carlos Benavides