Top 6 Trends from Fall 2018 Bridal Fashion Week

The highly anticipated annual Bridal Fashion Week has come and gone, and like always, it has left a trail of astonishing styles that highlight the trends for the upcoming year. In 2018, floral embroidery, unique necklines, and other elements are driving in fresh and exciting bridal trends. Here are the 6 fashion trends that are popping up:

1) 3D Embroidery

One of the most eye-catching trends we saw were 3-D embroideries. An upgrade to the simple beaded embroideries, the 3-D embroideries add dimension and elegance to the gown. The delicate 3-D floral embroidery lays beautifully on top of sheer layers, as seen in Alexandra Grecco’s design, and occupy the entire dress, just like this design from Galia Lahav, which draws attention to a specific area.



2) Necklines With Jewel Accessories

We saw so many innovative necklines and one of them we truly love is the stunning and beautiful necklines with jewel accessories that will give a new meaning to the phrase “all eyes on you”. In Ines Di Santo’s design, the dramatic jewels blend in nicely with the neckline. Silver jewels tend to be more popular because they compliment the clean, crisp whiteness of the dress. Most often, the jewels are silver, which compliments the snowy whiteness of the dress. The colors of the jewels can vary though, and accompanying gems can be other complimentary colors. The embellishments are often matched with accessories like rhinestones or pearls, as seen in the Reem Acra’s gown.


3) Off the Shoulder Trend

Nothing is quite as fashionable and attention grabbing than an off-the-shoulder dress. In the year of 2018, the off-the-shoulders dresses have a little twist on them- embroidered edges. The trimming of these dresses are often adorned by flowery lace details. In addition, there are two styles that fall under the off-the-shoulder trend. This feminine style can also include sheer layers, just like the two dresses we see from Galia Lahav’s collection.


4) Bell Sleeves

We saw different types of sleeves on almost all of the runways, yet one of our favorite styles is the soft bell sleeves, which have mostly been used to contrast the hourglass styles. The bell sleeves have floral designs and can include the trendy cold shoulder as seen in Caroline Castigliano’s dress, and sheer material for a subtle romantic look as Rime Arodaky’s dress shows.


5) Nude Colored Gowns

The nude style are in for the year of 2018 and are pleasing to the eye as they are a tweak to the white we usually see. The nude is often combined with other elements. The most popular combination is nude under sheer layers, like in Berta’s dress. However, like in the dress from The Lace Collection, other components flirty, white embroidery.


6) Deep V-Necks

Deep v-necks are a trend that is seen in nearly all the dresses. The plunging necklines are often accompanied with floral lace and are styled to draw attention to the top of the dress, as seen in Galia Lahav’s dress. Tops sheer layers and embellishments are also popular, as demonstrated in Berta’s gown.


– By Jamie Chau

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