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If you are like many other couples that do not know where to begin in looking for their wedding day music and entertainment? No need to worry, our music expert, Michael Duarte from Musical Services is here to give you a helping hand with tips and answers to your frequently asked questions.

Starting the Play List
Music is a very important aspect of your wedding. It walks with you down the aisle for the marriage ceremony, accompanies you when you leave the ceremony as husband and wife, and entertains your guests throughout the reception. With this in mind, Duarte recommends, “Searching for entertainers at least 3-6 months in advance. Sit down with them and find out if they use professional equipment, wireless microphones, do they have reliable transportation, do they use a format, are they flexible to the events and music, do they have appropriate attire for the reception, and most importantly do they use a contract.”
Now when it comes to creating the palette of tu musica they are 3 important things that Duarte wants you to keep in mind, “One, try to keep it as “classy” as possible, two, the music you choose for the events at the reception will give it the feeling of class, organization and fun, and three, try to work with the entertainer to perform music that everyone can enjoy.” Remember that the music you pick will set the mood of the wedding and it should reflect and complement the personality of the couple.

Coordinate Your Selection
If you plan on getting married in a religious ceremony remember to check with the church officials before selecting your music. There may be limitations on the music and instrumentation that is allowed to be used. Now, for your wedding reception party, you can select any songs that you both like, and not forgetting tus abuelito’s music either, this will make it memorable for everyone attending.

Duarte mentions, “The easiest way to coordinate the events is to sit down with the entertainer and have that person lay out a format for the events. Try to be flexible, create a timeline and take the serving of the food into strong consideration.” He adds, “For the events themselves, choose a happy song for the Grand Entrance ex. “Love and Marriage” from Sinatra, “Sugar, Sugar” from The Archies for the Cake Cutting. Slow songs for the Money Dance and dance music for the Bouquet/Garter Toss. Your First Dance Song should be a love song picked by the both of you, but keep it short.”

Enjoy the Rhythms
Greet your guest by having the music playing before they arrive, so that your event looks planned and organized. Many times guests see the poorly planned things and will remember them regardless of how well the rest of the day goes. In order to avoid this, Duarte suggests you to communicate with your entertainer at least 3 times before your wedding, “One at the initial meeting, where you should lay out plans for the events of the day and the music, two, at least 1 month before the reception, when a contract should be completed and you should be choosing your music and discussing the list of events, and finally, at least 1-2 weeks before the big day to finalize all music choices, the format, and discuss any details that you two might want to add.”
Some final and important thoughts from Duarte, “Try to keep it fun. Play all types of music and play music for everyone. It’s a celebration of a union between two lovers and their families. If you play all types of music, the crowd will dance and everyone will remember this reception long after the music has stopped.”

-By Ofelia Hernandez

Previously featured in Latino Bride & Groom magazine.