Expert Advice For Your Wedding Décor

Our real wedding bride Evette Rios shared some tips and ideas based on her destination wedding in Puerto Rico, from her elegant decorations to her concern for the environment. As a professional decorator she was dedicated to making sure the details of her wedding were perfect and succeeded with a beautiful ceremony surrounded by close family and friends.

Incorporate Bursts of Color

Using an assortment of bright, sunny colors against white or tone-downed backgrounds truly allows accents, such as the flower arrangements, to stand out. Evette incorporated white into several elements of her wedding, such as with the tablecloths and seats of the ceremony chairs. She placed controlled pops of color all around, using various hues of yellow, orange, and pink, in details such as her bouquet and centerpieces. Evette’s low centerpieces also encouraged conversation among guests sitting at the same table, as high arrangements can obstruct guests’ views. Even the four-tiered cake used these brilliant colors by placing local, handpicked marzipan fruits on top of an off-white passion fruit frosting. The wedding was also adorned with splashes of red, such as Evette’s vivid red heels. Evette chose red because not only was it one of her favorite colors but also it was synonymous with all things Latin.

Personable Party Favors From beginning to end, Evette made sure that guests were presented with a myriad of cute and memorable party favors and gifts, making their trip to the wedding well worth it. Putting a unique twist to signing in at the reception, the guest book was a couple of sets of dominoes, and each guest signed one. Dominoes are the Puerto Rican national pastime, making Evette’s quirky greeting a reflection of where the guests were staying. Evette pursued a variety of do-it-yourself favors, personalizing her gifts and making friends and family feel more at home. Guests were presented with simple but adorable welcome baskets and each person was presented with a fortune flower, which was a rose with a handwritten message on a ribbon wound into its petals. Hearing directly from her and the groom Stephen added a touch of familiarity. Her escort cards used hand cut shipping tags in the shape of the Island of Puerto Island and had a vintage skeleton key attached to each. For the ceremony, the bride and groom made sure that the party kept going by providing Puerto Rican instruments, such as a maracas and guiros, for guests.

Exploring Greener Alternatives

Not only was Evette’s destination wedding fun and beautiful but environmentally friendly as well. She tried to use as many local elements as she could so energy would not be wasted trying to import materials to the venue. The baker himself picked the fruit on her cake from local fruit trees. The vases and flower arrangements that were attached to the guests’ chairs at the ceremony were made of bamboo stalks that were grown in Evette’s grandfather’s garden. This rustic touch also had the added benefit of being biodegradable. For program covers she used recycled unused invitations instead of throwing the extras away. And as for the dining absolutely no plastic plates or spoons were used, making sure that all utensils were going to be reusable.