Wedding Dress Ideas Red Carpet Trends 2011

The Emmys last month held lots of surprises as well as delightful fashion choices. We at Latino Bride & Groom are here to tell you how you can incorporate these star styles into your wedding outfit. Straight from the red carpet, here are the 4 latest dress trends, courtesy of your favorite celebrities:

Latino-Bride-and-Groom-Paula-Abdul copy copy

1. Mermaid dress. The popularity of mermaid dresses has yet to decrease due to the form-fitting and feminine silhouette that it produces. Paula Abdul and Nina Dobrev looked stunning in their dramatic mermaid styled dresses. Abdul contrasted the flared ruffles on the bottom of her dress with a jeweled band above her waist. If you choose a mermaid dress, look for details that slim your waist or draw attention to the upper half of your body while still showing off your curves. White-One-Shoulder-Satin-Lace-Wedding-Dress-3 copy Kemper copy

2. One shouldered. Ellie Kemper radiated glamour in her sequined one shouldered dress but she was just one of many top stars who appeared in one shouldered dresses. Kemper along with Sofia Vergara, Maria Bello, and Aimee Teegarden opted to flaunt their fierce side in this strong and regal style. One shouldered dresses exude confidence but to also display your softer side, pick a wedding dress with floral embroidery and lots of subtle detail. high_neck_halter_wedding copy copy

3. High collar. Audrey Plaza took a risk by wearing a dress with a high collar but she pulled it off effortlessly. A high collar is unique and adds instant elegance. If Plaza had worn the same dress but with spaghetti straps, the dress might have looked too simple. A high collar is perfect for wedding gowns as they are eye-catching and bold. To accentuate this point, match a high collar with lace or a long layered skirt. Deeley copy 10840522-wedding-dressesi01017-1 copy

4. Column dress. While the mermaid dress is still very much in demand, column dresses are steadily gaining admiration. At first, they may seem basic and simple but that just leaves you with lots of accessories and added touches you can add on your dress. For example, Cat Deeley’s sequins made her dress a stunner. Other great touches are a flower band to emphasize your figure, soft ruffles, or delicate beading.

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-By Lauren Ho