Fall in Love with Your Valentine’s Day Wedding

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is a time for love and affection, so what better day to get married on than February 14? After all, getting married is all about your love and devotion to one another, and this is the perfect date to exchange wedding vows. Skip the cheesy and cliché over-the-top hearts and opt for a wedding that’s classy, unique, and encompasses everything that V-day is about!


The Ring

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but for the spunky girl that wants something other than the usual wedding ring, choose a design that’s just as unique as you are. Trumpet & Horn offers one-of-a-kind designs that reflect an antique and vintage look. Their engagement rings feature a variety of designs that will remind the bride-to-be about the eternal promise that a ring symbolizes.
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The Dress

Described as “timeless with a modern twist for the fashion forward bride,” designer Francesca Miranda hails from Barranquilla, Columbia and has some of the most eye-catching wedding dresses. Her collection features many unique-styled gowns that are sure to be jaw-dropping while enhancing your best features and making you look as lovely as you are. Valentine’s Day is a time to look and feel brilliant and these dresses do just that. Subtle features enhance her dresses, transforming a would-be plain gown into a stunning masterpiece that’s perfect for you to wear as you walk down the aisle.


The Bridesmaids

Valentine’s Day is especially known for the coordinated color scheme of red and pink, so have your bridesmaids don the same hues. With Vow To Be Chic’s digital platform, brides can stop stressing about another wedding planning aspect by allowing bridesmaids to rent their own dresses, saving a ton off the sticker price and make the most of your time by ensuring that everyone is happy! We especially love pretty dresses in deep maroon, burgundy, wine, and pastel pink colors that will perfectly complement the bride’s white dress.

Invitations and Save The Dates

Stay classy and avoid blinding your wedding guests with a bright red or pink card. Instead, a more subtle option is to choose black or white cards and add accents in your designated colors. Valentine’s Day is the time that frills and curls are appreciated, so try using flowing fonts, elegant curlicues, and ribbons or flowers to your invitations and “Save The Date” cards.


The Cake

Valentine’s Day is known for two major things: flowers and chocolate. Why not treaty our guests to an equally delectable pairing by incorporating frosting flowers and chocolate in your wedding cake? Serve decadent, mouth-watering treats like chocolate dipped strawberries, red velvet cake, or dessert drizzled in raspberry syrup. Each bite will contain a delicious pop of color that will leave your guests craving more.

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The Venue

One of the most popular places to propose as well as the set for countless movie scenes, the Empire State Building located in New York City offers a wedding like no other. The only day that couples can wed is on Valentine’s Day on the Empire State Building’s Observation Deck. In fact, the Empire State Building is lit up in shades of pink to commemorate Valentine’s Day. However, only a select few can enter a contest to be married at this highly coveted location!



Heading on a honeymoon that just so happens to fall on Valentine’s Day? Visit cities such as San Francisco, CA; Scottsdale, AZ; Honolulu, HI; Orlando, FL; and Seattle, WA. Avoid the cities: Hialeah, FL; Detroit, MI; Cleveland, OH; San Bernardino, CA; and Newark, NJ.*

Why is this so? These are the best (and worst) spots to spend a romantic trip at due to their incredibly high costs. Thinking about spending your hard earned cash on restaurant meals, movie tickets, wine, jewelry, flowers, or chocolate? The worst cities will go easy on your wallet while the best may leave you strapped for cash, so plan accordingly!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to have your wedding and can truly bring out the elegance of your remarkable day, making your celebration memorable.

*Stats from wallethub.com


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